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Step into a world of empowerment and self-celebration with our in-studio luxury boudoir photoshoot experience designed exclusively for women. Our studio is a sanctuary where every woman is encouraged to embrace her unique beauty and unleash her inner confidence. Led by Martha and a female Hair and Make up Artist, we create an atmosphere of comfort and trust, ensuring each client feels empowered throughout the session. From elegant lingerie to tasteful artistic poses, we capture the essence of femininity and strength, reminding every woman of her inherent beauty and worth. Our boudoir photoshoot is more than just stunning imagery; it is a transformative journey that leaves every participant feeling empowered, confident, and ready to conquer the world.

Unleash Your Radiance: Where Empowerment Meets Elegance - Capture Your Inner Beauty in Our Luxurious Boudoir Studio!"


Boudoir photography

Phoenix, Arizona 

A group for women to be open and feel empowered! 

Boudoir by MArtha Felix

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The first step to booking your boudoir session is to fill out the contact form with a few simple questions. Once you fill out the contact form I will email you a link to set up a phone consultation at your earliest convenience. 

Inquiring through the
Contact Form


The Process of your
boudoir session

During our phone consultation we will discover how you want to be photographed. We will talk about what you want to wear and how you'd like your hair and make up done. We will also talk about what style of boudoir are you wanting. Is it more sensual? More creative? There is no one size fits all boudoir photoshoots so getting to discover what your vision is so important during out phone call! We will also choose a date for your session during our call. 

How do you want to be photographed?

Phone consultation 

The first thing that you do when you walk into my studio is to go through my studio closet! I have a few pieces that you can use during your session or we go through all of the goodies your brought in. Once we have chosen what outfits you will wear, you will get pampered with hair and make up by my amazing artist. She can do many looks from simple to full glam. Once you are ready we will start your session! 

It's Showtime! 

Your Session day has arrived

This is the most exciting part! You will have the option to see your images in two different ways. Same day Raw reveal or Semi edited Raw Reveal. A raw reveal is when we see the images exactly as I took them the same day of your session. There we will choose from the raws your favorite images you'd like to purchase. A semi edited reveal is when I fully edit 2-3 images so you can see what they will look like and then we go through the rest in raw form 2-3 days after your session over zoom. No matter which way you choose, I guarantee you will love them. I help guide you through the process every step of the way. At your reveal we will also be choosing how you'd like to display your portraits. 

It's time to see your portraits!

the Reveal

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 Portrait session

Sessions start at $650

Session includes

I have many robes and outfits to choose from. I carry sizes XS-XXL. You of course could bring in your own outfits as well. 

Included in your session is a morning of having fun and taking stunning images! There is no rush and outfits are not limited! 

Access to the Studio closet
Session in studio

During your reveal you will have the option to upgrade your image collection, purchase larger product, and have the option to purchase Wall Art. 

collection Upgrades